How to fit the Borbet wheels without car?

How to fit Borbet rims and see how the rims will look on your car.
1. You need to open the page
You can set up English language.
2. Open the configurator in the "borbet wheels" section. (goes to
3. Choose your car.
You will have the opportunity to choose the color of the car and other parameters.
4. Now you can apply discs by selecting the disc model and size.
!!! Please note that discs available for ordering are marked with three green rectangles and the inscription In Stock.
5. Once you have selected the disks, press the DETAILS button.
6. Choose the delivery you need.
7. Copy the manufacturer's wheel code.
8. Next, open the website or
9. Paste the wheel code in the search field and press enter on the keyboard.
The wheel has been found on our website!
!!! In case you do not find the necessary disk, please contact us at info at
10. You need to press on the product.
Here is more information about the drive.
11. Put the wheelsin the basket and complete the order.

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